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Abusive husband killed by wife in Naskarpara

A 46-year-old woman killed her husband after failing to tolerate his torture in their house at Naskarpara in Garfa early Thursday morning.

Police said the victim Shantanu Chakraborty (53) was an alcoholic and used to beat up his wife almost everyday.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the victim returned home in an inebriated state late Wednesday night and got engaged into a scuffle with his wife following an altercation.

He allegedly beat her up in front of his 21-year-old son and mother. Despite being asked not to torture, he continued beating her up. She retaliated after receiving severe injuries. She started beating him with the wooden log with which her husband was manhandling her. She also brought a heavy stone from the kitchen and smashed the victim’s head. Hearing their son, who passed his graduation this year, crying for help, neighbours rushed to the spot. They found the victim lying in a pool of blood and his wife was crying sitting beside her husband’s body. A local doctor went to the house and declared him dead when everyone was preparing to take him to hospital. The local people informed the police. Policemen from Garfa police station went to the spot and sent the body for an autopsy. The woman was arrested and police recovered the blood stained wooden log and the heavy stone from the spot.

Police later came to know that the victim had been jobless for the past 3 years and his wife, who is a gold medalist in Psychology from Jadavpur University, used to earn the livelihood for the family by giving private tuitions in home. She used to earn around Rs 12,000 every month. The victim was trying to do some sort of business after losing his job. She had helped the victim in getting established in his business but there used to be quarrels between them as Chakraborty was alcoholic. Despite being asked by his wife, Chakraborty had failed to give up taking alcohol and used to torture his wife whenever she refused to give him money.
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