‘About time we bring a change in society’

‘About time we bring a change in society’
Safety of women in the Capital has long been an issue. Keeping that in mind, an FM channel launched a campaign in the city that  encourages acceptance and celebration of the girl child. With that theme in mind, Euphoria frontman Palash Sen launched a new song Main Hoon in the city on Thursday. Millennium Post caught up with Sen on the campaign,  safety of women in the Capital and more. ‘It is not a sexist problem, it’s a social problem. Women are not just an object,’ he told us. Here are excerpts:

What made you direct and sing the song Main Hoon...?

A woman according to me is ‘beauty’. Main Hoon.. depicts the strong presence of women around us. We are celebrating women empowerment, so this initiative marks the beginning of a series of initiatives which aim to create a safer society for women in India. All my earlier videos showcase women as protagonists, and even in this song, my mother, sister and my daughter along with some students of Lady Shri Ram College are seen.

How do you think this song will help the audience take the initiative for a better society?

In the past few weeks things have drastically changed in our society, and it’s about time that as individuals we come together to bring about a change in the general perception of women and girl children. There are various ways to reach out to the mass, and as I am into music, I feel it is the best means to reach the audience, the sweetest medium which will linger in the audience’s mind and heart.

What do you think is the scenario of the Capital now in terms of safety of women since your Delhi University days when you were a student?

The negative mindset of the society needs to be changed towards the female gender. We are the biggest hypocrites of the society. India is the oldest culture in the world, where on one hand we worship Ma Durga, her power, and on the other hand these gruesome incidents take place.

Women are not only emotionally strong, they are physically strong too by carrying a baby for nine months. Earlier, we did not get to see and hear Munni and Sheila or Fevicol, which degrades a woman’s morality.

Why do we have to see Bipasha Basu or Sunny Leone every day?...It’s time to put an end to these discriminations, and give them a chance to achieve their full potential.

Many will say this is likely to be a publicity stunt, as the gang rape incident has been in the news lately....

I simply don’t bother about publicity. I am an orthopaedic Surgeon too, I do music straight from my heart and people love my music. Euphoria is a band with no Bollywood ties. We are blessed to have this amount of fan following. If you are calling this a publicity stunt, I would say it is a positive initiative to nurture the society. I did not take a single penny for this song. Publicity is important, as far as it is a positive one.

What is your message to the society?

A woman is like the morning sunshine. Look up on her and value her. Look beyond movies which have taken over the idiot box. Learn to respect, to gain respect . Galvanise actions to ensure that every girl child is able to realise her full potential. And for those in the media, make the pen your sword, for a good cause.
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