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Abhishek’s heath condition gradually improving

The health condition of Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee has been improving gradually and he is now stated to be stable.

According to the medical bulletin released by Belle Vue Hospital, orbit surgeons visited Banerjee and after a thorough check up confirmed that his progress is satisfactory as it was expected by the doctors. His eye movements are improving and pain and swelling in his eyes and in the surrounding areas is gradually reducing. According to the medical bulletin, the patient’s appetite and mobility are also improving.

Dr Sukumar Mukherjee, the head of the medical team that carried out an operation on Banerjee, also continued to visit and the specialist doctors who were part of the operation reviewed his progress on a regular basis. The medical board is yet to take a decision on the discharge of the Trinamool Congress MP.

“His date of discharge has still not been discussed and will be taken up in due course,” the medical bulletin said.

On Thursday night he took light food. The doctors said that Banerjee is no longer suffering from heart problems. His stitches will be removed next week. On Thursday night, he had a sound sleep. He is no longer requiring oxygen.

Banerjee sustained orbital floor fracture in a major crash on Durgapur Express Way on October 18 while he was returning to the city after attending a rally in Murshidabad.

He was rushed to the Belle Vue Clinic where a medical board comprising 13 specialist doctors on Tuesday, successfully conducted an operation to repair orbital floor fracture of him.

The Trinamool Congress MP has been kept under observation for 72 hours in the Critical Care Unit. Because of a crack on the orbital floor, the movement of his eyeball was badly affected. This could have given rise to a major problem in the future.
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