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Abhishek taken to Hyderabad for treatment on left eye

Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee was taken to LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad on Sunday evening, for treatment of his left eye.

It should be recalled that Banerjee faced a severe road accident on his way to Kolkata from Murshidabad after addressing a rally on October 18. He was taken to Belle Vue Clinic and had undergone surgery. Later, he was taken to his residence after a successful operation.

However, in a Facebook post on Sunday before heading towards Hyderabad, the young leader instructed party’s youth workers to stand beside the common people in this crisis situation where thousands of people are standing in queue to withdraw money from banks and post offices.

The source informed that Abhishek’s left eye was not functioning well as the MP was shifted to Hyderabad. On Sunday evening, he boarded the flight for Hyderabad at 7.55pm along with his parents and wife. According to the source, Banerjee was facing trouble during the movement of his eyes.

It is to be recalled that Banerjee underwent a three-hour long surgery to repair a fracture on his left eye’s orbital floor. Conducted in three phases, the surgery was led by eminent doctors and had two maxillofacial surgeons, two cardiologists, a plastic surgeon, five ophthalmologists and three anaesthetists among others in the surgical team.

At the first phase of the surgery, a titanium mesh was inserted into the fractured area to support the broken bone. In the second phase, a maxillofacial surgery was done to heal the injured bone just below his left eye. It was followed by a plastic surgery to remove the stitch marks on his face. 

The surgery commenced at around 1 pm and got over around 4 pm. Abhishek regained consciousness soon and was wheeled into a general cabin half-an-hour after the surgery. He was then taken off supports. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee visited her nephew at the hospital after the surgery.
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