Abhishek Banerjee attacks Buddha over development jibe

Abhishek Banerjee attacks Buddha over development jibe
All India Trinamool Youth Congress president Abhishek Banerjee on Monday challenged the former Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya. He said he would give up politics if the latter could prove that no development had taken place during TMC’s regime.

He was addressing a political meeting here on Monday afternoon. 

He said if Bhattacharya could prove with statistics that no development has taken place in West Bengal then he would quit politics. He added, in 34 years the Left Front had done only 10 per cent of what TMC had done in the past four and a half years. “If Bhattacharya could prove by quoting statistics, then I will quit politics,” he said.

He said that the opposition leaders had cataract in their eyes and could not see development. 

“I will request the Chief Minister to set up eye hospitals in every bloc so that they could operate their cataract.”

Banerjee said series of development projects had been implemented in Birbhum.  The poor people are getting a kilogram of rice at Rs 2 which has assured their food. Projects like Kanyashri and Sabuj Sathi had helped women and students immensely. 

Meritorious minority students had got scholarships. The rural roads have been widened and upgraded. 

The communication network has improved and the numbers of state run buses have gone up. Tarapith and its adjoining areas has become an important centre of religious tourism with a number of hotels coming up in the area. 

“Any person visiting Birbhum can see the change. But the opposition leaders are so biased that refuse to accept this and raise pity issues,” he maintained. In another meeting Banerjee hit out at the alliance of Congress and CPI(M). He termed the tie up as ‘snake and mongoose’ alliance. 

“They are natural enemies but they are posing now as if they are united just to capture votes,”   he remarked. He said people would never vote for this unholy and opportunistic  alliance.”  He urged people to defeat the unethical alliance and strengthen Trinamool to ensure steady development in future.


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