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AAP siding with black money hoarders: BJP

"Allegations of Arvind Kejriwal are not taken seriously by anybody today because he does not owe any responsibility to people to offer any proof for probe of these allegations," BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao said.

"Every allegation made (by Kejriwal) today is completely baseless," he said, adding Kejriwal, who claims that he is against corruption and black money hoarders, has shifted to the "other side".

"Kejriwal is standing today with the black money hoarders," he charged.

The Delhi Chief Minister is criticising a move which has largely been hailed as a "reform and a frontal attack on corruption and black money," he added.

"Arvind Kejriwal and his Aaam Aadmi Party also seem to have become a victim of the surgical strike (on corruption and black money," Rao said.

Kejriwal had charged that the demonetisation move was a "huge scam", alleging BJP had told all its "friends" about it much before Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement and demanded immediate roll back of the demonetisation.

To substantiate his claim, he alleged that a BJP leader was seen with new notes of Rs 2,000 on social media days before the Prime Minister announced withdrawing high value currency.

Responding to this allegation, the BJP spokesperson said, "Kejriwal does not have anything to substantiate...he is not only crying about loss of his public image because of his own undoing but also crying a lot about political and financial bankruptcy as a result of the reform measures." 

Rao also alleged that Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party had "stopped" giving information about the people who are donating money for their party, adding that, "it has gone completely off their website. AAP finances are completely hazy.
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