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AAP receives around Rs 2 crore in first 10 days of campaign

With the help of “I fund Honest party” initiative to collect the fund for election, Aam Aadmi Party till Sunday received around Rs 2 crore in first 10 days of the campaign.

An interesting feature of this latest fund raising initiative has been that highest single day donations were received on Saturday, the day when Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a negative campaign against Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP. 

The AAP has decided to make source of funds to political parties as one of its focal points of campaign for the Delhi assembly elections.

The AAP challenges the BJP and the Congress to reveal their sources of funds and let the people of Delhi know how much money they will spend on their campaign for the Delhi assembly elections.
“Can the BJP tell the people of Delhi how much money it spent on its much hyped rally of Saturday which ultimately turned out to be a flop and failed to generate any response among the residents of the city,” asked an AAP leader.

“So far, around 4500 donors have participated in the “I fund honest party challenge”, which has seen a variety of local fund-raising programmes launched by party units in India and abroad, including “Selfie with Muffler man” in Bangalore; and “Flame of Hope” in UK; over 10 lunch/dinner events in Delhi assemblies; a lunch event in Lucknow and a Dinner event in Mumbai,”said the party leader.
The “I fund honest party challenge” has ignited the imagination of our volunteers from across the world. Nearly every day we get a request to approve a new, innovative fund-raising initiative” said Pankaj Gupta, national secretary, AAP.

Individuals named by Arvind Kejriwal have accepted the challenge, made their donations and tagged other friends and family to the challenge. “Many of our state and district level colleagues are also taking the challenge and helping extend the reach” said Pankaj Gupta.

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