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AAP intensifies fire against LG on Shunglu panel

In an official statement on Saturday, the elected government alleged that in his response the LG has openly threatened to ‘unleash the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) upon the democratically elected government’ which is a new low in the already blatant politicization and misuse of the premier investigative agency.

“It’s a matter of deep regret that the Central Government’s appointee, Jung is openly threatening to unleash the CBI upon the democratically elected Delhi government. It is a new low in the already 
blatant politicization and misuse of the premier investigation agency of the country. Besides, it also unmasks the ulterior motive behind setting up of the three-member Shunglu Committee,” said Delhi government in a statement.

The statement of the Aam Aadmi Party government came in response to the Jung’s statement on the resolution of Delhi cabinet on Friday in which the cabinet has termed Shunglu Committee as unconstitutional and demanded its immediate dissolution. 

Responding to the resolution, LG secretariat had issued a statement saying if everything, as claimed, is as per the rules, then why is the elected government afraid of the truth coming out?

“Some misdemeanors in the 400-odd files under scrutiny are of the gravity that already these matters are in the process of being referred to the CBI for investigation,” LG secretariat had said. Delhi government has alleged that by saying this LG has threatened to unleash CBI on the elected government. 

Attacking Central Government on the issue, Delhi government alleged that the constitutional posts of Governors and Lieutenant Governors are being misused.

“Increasingly, the high offices of Governors and Lieutenant Governors are being politically misused to sabotage democratically elected governments. This decline in institutional integrity needs to be arrested at once, if larger national interest and democracy itself is to be preserved,” said the statement.

Delhi government has once again reiterated the advice tendered by its cabinet to the LG to dissolve the illegally-formed committee and ward off any attempt to create a constitutional crisis in the city and uphold the principles enshrined in the constitution.
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