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AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal to remain in jail till 6 June

AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal to remain in jail till 6 June

Senior advocate Shanti Bhushan who appeared for Kejriwal, argued that in such cases where the accused has not been arrested, there was no requirement to furnish bail bond. On this, the court gives its observation about the country’s legal illiteracy. ‘There is a lot of legal illiteracy in the country. Even educated people do not know about legal proceedings. Being in the position you (Kejriwal) are, I expect you to be sensible, ‘the court said.

On 21 May, the court sent the AAP leader for two days judicial custody in Tihar Jail, after he refused to furnish a bail bond of Rs 10,000. Kejriwal, on Friday, said, ‘What is my fault? A lot of politicians have filed such cases against me. In such cases, I have been released after I gave undertakings in courts earlier. I have not done any thing wrong.’ 

Senior advocate Pinki Anand, who appeared for Gadkari, told the court that criminal courts cannot review their order.

‘You have to sign a bond. You (Kejriwal) do not have to pay actually. You have been summoned as an accused. You are not a convict. You will face trial. You can not say that I am innocent and I will not give bond. This is a procedure, ‘ the magistrate said. On 18 February, Nitin Gadkari had filed a defamation case in a court against Kejriwal for including his name in the list of corrupt politicians on 31 January.
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