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AAP chides PM’s comment on ‘five-star activists’

The Prime Minister’s address to the top judges of the country on Sunday instigating the judiciary against the civil rights activists and organisations was neither surprising nor new to the nation. The address and the views expressed by the PM are in line with the broader agenda of the BJP government at the Centre to muzzle the right thinking voices in the country against the increasing radical tendencies under Modi rule.

“The Prime Minister, in his address has sought to ridicule the efforts of social activists, who have been instrumental in giving the country a hope against corruption. While the BJP came to power saddled on these civil society movements against non-governance and corruption, the Modi-led government now fears a similar fate at the hands of people. To avert a UPA-like debacle for themselves, Modi is trying to orient different arms of the government against honest and fearless voices of criticism,” said AAP.

“With the Prime Minister using sarcastic adjectives like “five-star activists” for civil society members, it gives a clear incentive to officers and people in important positions in the government to be unnaturally tough on NGOs and people, who raise their voices against illegal acts of government and corporate biggies. Modi, through his jibe, has also sought to harness the interests of profiteers and business houses, who are faced with people’s movement and criticism across the country,” the statement added.

The party further alleged that the Central government under the leadership of Narendra Modi is trying to create a myth that raising voices against government is akin to talking against the nation. The motives of the government have been contradicted several times even by the judiciary. Any efforts to chalk the voice of the civil society would be opposed by the Aam Aadmi Party in Parliament and on the streets. A vibrant democracy is impossible without due respect to constitution and the different sections of the society including the civil rights activists.

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