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AAP calls for blacklisting of RIL

AAP calls for blacklisting of RIL
“The arrests of some of these clerical staffs and mediators related to the attempts of leaking documents from the petroleum ministry, exposes how the corporate-officials-politician nexus operates in the corridors of power under the Narendra Modi government. Instead of getting to the bottom of the case, the government seems to be brushing the matter off under the carpet by making some lower ranking employees and middle-men, the scapegoats,” said the AAP in a press statement.

The AAP said that the investigation in the case defies the basic logic that the police has so far failed to identify the end beneficiary. The AAP further said that it hopes that the culprits, who have subverted the system to get undue benefits, will be booked and interrogated in custody.

“During the earlier BJP regime, in 1998, V Balasubramaniam, a top official of the Reliance Industries Limited was arrested by the CBI under the same circumstances and under the Official Secrets Act, but then too, the investigations failed to see the light of day. The corporate honchos still remain free and away from law,” said AAP leader, Ashutosh.

“Now, the media reports suggest that the Essar Group and Reliance Group of companies are behind this act. We demand that instead of only booking low ranking employees and the go-betweens, the police should take the investigation to a logical end. We also demand that the government should not allow the accused to influence the probe with their power and the repeat offenders of corporate espionage should be blacklisted from all government dealings,” he added.

He further revealed that media reports suggest that classified papers from coal and power ministries have also been recovered from the possession of the accused.

It clearly shows that the nexus is deeper than it looks at this point and many more people seem to be involved. Only a thorough and independent probe can bring out the truth and nail the culprits.
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