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Aam Aadmi Party, a giant killer


The Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal has come to be known as a giant killer after he defeated the three times Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. Kejriwal does not want to lose this title. He wants to continue to be a giant killer. The big question is who is the next giant he has fixed his eyes on whom he plans to kill in the Lok Sabha polls. Well who can it be but Narendra Modi? It is a closely guarded secret in the AAP but the fact is that Kejriwal who despite his denial is planning to take on Modi from where ever Modi contests outside Gujarat. Taking clue from the buzz about Kejriwal contesting against him,, Narendra Modi is unlikely to contest from anywhere but Gujarat. He has won thrice from Gujarat and does not need to be present to get elected but if he contests from anywhere else outside Gujarat, he would be confined to that constituency and that would hamper his campaign in the other parts of the country. Besides Gujarat has been very lucky. It is a state that has sent non Congress Prime ministers like Morarji Desai and even Atal Behari Vajpayee. Morarji Desai fought from Valsad in 1977 to become the first Prime minister of a non Congress government in 1977. Vajpayee too when he became Prime minister for the first time in 1996 of a thirteen day BJP government had contested from Gandhi Nagar after L K Advani decided to skip the election in the wake of hawala allegations. Meanwhile Kejriwal does not consider Rahul to be a giant to be taken on   by him It is for this reason that a small fry like Kumar Viswas has been sent to Amethi to take on Rahul.


Rahul Gandhi personally monitored the Delhi Chief Minister’s dharna before Rail Bhawan and he was reportedly in touch with the lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung. Rahul also ensured that the AICC communication head Ajay Maken sit in Akbar Road and keep the media informed about the developments so that nothing adverse is reported. At one point of time the Congress was also planning to do an SMS referendum to get the pulse of the people. The Congress leaders were extremely pleased and were heard claiming that the AAP was not getting the support of the people who supported them during the polls on the issue. Maken and other Congress leaders were heard saying that this dharna is likely to boomerang on AAP and they would lose the popular support of the middle classes after this. The party leaders were seen visibly very happy over Kejriwal‘s dharna as it kept Narendra Modi out of the media glare. He has disappeared from the headlines of either the newspapers or the Television Channels they were heard saying with long grins.


Even while Rahul Gandhi has made the pronouncement that from now onwards there would be no politics in the Congress Party from behind closed doors the backdoor politics continues in the party and the back room players are at work. Ghulam Nabi Azad, one of the main backroom players is in touch with the possible allies. Last week Azad had a hush-hush meeting with DMK supremo Karunanidhi at his daughter Kanimozhi’s house. Kanimozhi going against her brother Stalin who is opposed to any truck with the Congress had organised this meeting between her father and Azad. She is keen to have an alliance with the Congress .In lieu of the alliance she wants the Enforcement Directorate to withdraw the case of the alleged money laundering against her. Two days later a government agency carried a speculative story saying that enforcement directorate is likely to go ahead and prosecute Kanimozhi. The buzz is that a Tamil Brahmin top law officer of the government got the story done to sabotage the alliance.


The backroom players also include   Rahul Gandhi’s own sister Priyanka Vadra Gandhi Priyanka of late has been a regular at 12 Tughlaq Lane residence of RG. A new room has been built for her where she is taking regular meetings of the party leaders as well as others. Priyanka has also been in touch with all the dissidents in the party who are planning to leave the Congress for better pastures. Priyanka is supposed to have made a call to the Sultanpur MP Sanjay Singh who was feeling suffocated in the Congress and was all set to join the BJP. She is close to the Amethi Raja and is supposed to have convinced him that he should not leave the party. If Singh leaves the party before the elections the threat to Rahul in Amethi is likely to be enhanced particularly after Kumar Vishwas of the AAP has declared to contest against Rahul and ensure his defeat. The Congress during the assembly polls had lost all its seats in Amethi despite Rahul and Priyanka. It was then credited to Sanjay Singh and His wife Amita’s disenchantment with the Congress. Singh wields great influence in Rahul’s constituency and his absence in the presence of AAP in the fray would have meant complete doom for the Gandhi scion. It is not clear what is the deal and what Singh will get in lieu. It is tipped that Singh might be made the PCC Chief of Uttar Pradesh to counter the Rajput impact of Rajnath Singh in Uttar Pradesh.

Sonia Gandhi who is getting her treatment in USA is extremely cautious and worried after the US court served the summons on her. Legal luminaries of the Congress after studying the summons have approached the courts to know about the fall out of the summons as they are apprehensive that there should not be a Devyani Khobragade like situation if she visits US for treatment. To avoid any embarrassment, a one page   confidential note has been prepared on if she could visit USA to continue her medical treatment.


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