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AAI ties up with GE Aviation for better airspace efficiency

The collaboration comes through a US Trade and Development Agency grant, under which GE Aviation and the government-run Airports Authority of India (AAI) will work together to deploy the efficient procedures at Bangalore, Mangalore and Guwahati airports to improve airspace efficiency, a release said here.

Besides, GE will also work with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to support Required Navigation Performance (RNP) operations approval for a domestic airline, it said. Once the flight paths are deployed and in use, a report documenting the actual benefits of the flight paths will be published, it said. Performance-based navigation (PBN) technology allows pilots to use onboard technology to follow a precise track, independent of ground-based navigation beacons that limit where the aircraft can go.

RNP procedures, an advanced form of PBN technology, can be designed to shorten the distance an aircraft has to fly en-route, and to reduce fuel burn, exhaust emissions and noise pollution in communities near airports. Because of RNP's precision and reliability, the technology can help air traffic controllers reduce flight delays and alleviate air traffic congestion.

‘GE is equipped to partner with India in the growth of its aviation industry. RNP will help the industry in enhancing its accuracy and performance by reducing delays in flights and air traffic congestion,’ Nalin Jain, Head, GE Aviation and Transportation for South Asia, said.

India has more than 50 mid-sized airports, including Mangalore, which could benefit immediately with track mile and fuel savings from RNP, Giovanni Spitale, General Manager, Flight Efficiency Services, GE Aviation, said.  ‘In the long-term, India could realise 80,000 tonnes of fuel and 2.52 lakh tonnes of CO2 reduced annually by implementing RNP across the country,’ he said.

Bangalore is the nation's fourth busiest airport for overall passenger traffic can benefit from the capacity improvements promoted by RNP paths. Aircraft operating to Guwahati, located in the remote and mountainous northeast area of India, can benefit from the schedule reliability of RNP, furthering the economic growth and social inclusion agenda for the region, it added.
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