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AAI floats strategy to fly towards maximum quality of service

AAI floats strategy to fly towards maximum quality of service
In a radical shift from minimum cost to maximum quality of service, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has planned to do away with the traditional system of outsourcing concessionaires quoting minimum price (L1) for the services. The authority implemented the new plan for hiring a concessionaire to maintain Rest Rooms on three times of L1 following the principle of 80 percent weightage on quality of service and 20 percent on the cost.

“The quality of service of lowest financial bidders (L1) is indiscriminately very poor. The number and efficiency of the staff deployed to execute the services is also of very low standard. Now, we have decided to give 80 percent weightage on quality of service to be assessed primarily on background of the bidder,” said Guruprasad Mohapatra, Chairperson, AAI on Monday. 

“The condition of sanitation services on airports particularly management of toilets and rest rooms were pathetic,” he added. 

The AAI first implemented the new strategy in appointing concessionaire for managing Rest Rooms at Chennai Airport. 

“The concessionaire was appointed on three times more cost than quoted by the lowest financial bidder but we are more concerned for the quality of service than cost,” emphasised Mohapatra.  

The chairperson also explained the path of the authority in making India the third largest market by the year 2020 and the global leader in Civil Aviation by 2030.

The chairperson also informed that AAI is planning to install automatic feedback machines on sanitation. “These machines have two buttons – green and red. If many reds are pressed frequently, the automatic alarm will in the office of top officers. He will immediately press attendants into service,” informed Mohapatra. These machines are being installed at selected airports on pilot project basis.

AAI is also working to ensure better services for the passengers in all the areas. “We are implementing various schemes to reduce queuing time for passengers at AAI managed airport. As a pilot project we have implemented our initiatives at 10 selected airports and have reduced queuing time by 20-25 percent,” said Mohapatra enumerating the achievement of 2016-17. 

The global standard for queuing time is 20 minutes while in India it is 40-50 minutes. The initiative includes increasing number of counters, widening queuing area, installing more X ray machines etc.
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