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Aabesh’s friends, writer Chowdhury quizzed again

The police on Sunday once again questioned writer Amit Chowdhury and some friends of Aabesh before preparing the final report of the findings of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) that was formed to probe into the incident.

It may be mentioned that the same people have been questioned quite a few number of times by the investigating officers in the past one week. But, the purpose of questioning the writer and friends of the victim once again is to get their clarification on the delay in taking Aabesh to hospital.

According to an officer of the city police’s detective department, all were asked to narrate the entire incident once again on Sunday. Police had come to know that Aabesh had fallen on the floor and received deep injuries on his armpit sometime in between 5.35 p.m. to 5.45 p.m. After going through the records in the hospital, it came to light that he was taken to the private hospital at Dhakuria at 6.50 p.m. The officer said that the distance between the Sunny Park Apartment and the hospital is not that much that it would take around one hour fifteen minutes to reach.

Thus, the police officers from homicide section of the detective department had repeatedly made the eye witnesses narrate the incident. Though police found differences in statements of three friends of the victim, but rest of them repeated the same that they had stated earlier during interrogation by the police. It is learnt that after repeating the same story, most claimed that the delay was due to unavailability of hired car, taxi or an ambulance. One friend of the victim even told the police on Sunday that they would not have dialed 100 if anyone of them had killed Aabesh. They would have taken Aabesh to hospital in any of their cars. Two girls were, however, once again questioned whether there was any rivalry between Aabesh and the other friends. The police have asked the girls about two of their friends and whether they had any rivalry with Aabesh. Three friends of the victim could also become witnesses for the police, sources said.

It may be mentioned that the victim’s mother Rimjhim Dasgupta had met Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee after the police had almost declared her son’s death to be an accidental one. The victim’s mother and family members had been claiming from the very beginning that Aabesh was murdered and hundreds of people attended a silent march from Lake Avenue to Hazra and back demanding “justice for Aabesh”.

Thus, to come to a conclusion, the police are left with no other option than to depend on the statements of eye witnesses or those who had taken Aabesh to the hospital.
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