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Aabesh case: Cops claim death might be ‘accidental’ in nature

The victim’s family members, however, were not ready to accept the claim of the police and kept on stating that Aabesh was “murdered”.

Joint Commissioner of police (Crime) Vishal Garg said on Thursday evening: “Video footages, statement of eye witnesses and call records and other circumstantial evidences indicate that it is not a pre-planned incident.”  Sources claimed that Aabesh was killed after receiving injuries when he had accidentally fallen on the ground and it doesn’t seem like a pre-planned incident”.

He fell with a bottle of alcohol under his armpit. The investigation would, however, continue, the senior police officer said. It is learnt that the police had gone through footages of all surveillance cameras installed at Sunny Park Apartment. In the footages they had seen the entire movement of Aabesh. But the footage of around 20 seconds was missing as the area was out of the coverage of any of the surveillance cameras. It was in that 20 seconds when Aabesh had fallen after going to the other side of the 2.5 feet tall wall. Again, he was found returning with blood stains on his shorts and crossing the wall. Then he went to his friends with blood coming out of his wounds and finally collapsed on ground after walking around 30 feet.

The police have spoken to the eye witnesses to know what had actually happened in that 20 seconds of which the police have not got the footage.

The police said that some of his friends had started dialling 100, the helpline number of the police, while others tried to get a car or an ambulance. Two of the victim’s friends went to writer Amit Chowdhury’s flat and informed him about the incident. This is where the police found irregularities as Chowdhury had earlier claimed that a driver had let him know about the incident.

The police on Thursday once again questioned Chowdhury and some friends of the victim. The victim’s mother Rimjhim Dasgupta and maternal uncle rushed to Lalbazar soon after they got the news that the police have claimed Aabesh’s death to be accidental in nature. The victim’s grandmother Krishna Paul claimed that something must have gone wrong and that is why the police are just trying to turn the case by claiming it to be an accident. The police had received the preliminary post-mortem report a few days ago and it was “inconclusive”. The police are now waiting for the viscera report.

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