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A world of his own

A world of his own
Art lovers in the Capital can head over to India Habitat Centre next week to enjoy some interesting art works. The exhibition titled A World of My Own by SabyaSachi Ghosh at the Visual Arts Gallery, aims to explore multiple facets of the human experience as an individual isolated from but perceived as one with society. A World of My Own is a study of our perception that transcends time and leaps into the infinite.

SabyaSachi Ghosh is a self taught artist. His art is inspired by his selfish desire to leave a mark in the minds of the onlookers. Born in pre liberalized India, he grew up perceiving the dynamics of change that bridged his understanding of ‘the then’ and ‘the now’. Our Universe inspires him to record cataclysmic events in space on various surfaces.

The medium of his works are not that important to him… he uses whatever he finds handy to paint his thoughts and experiences. He believes that his art takes him on to a higher plane of understanding through which he satisfies his creative ego. He has done several solo exhibitions and has participated in several group shows in India and abroad.

He disagrees with the often expressed perception that proponents of abstract art are incapable of creating immaculate life like images… in other words realistic paintings. Such purblind ideas are a result of a half baked knowledge of an artist’s creative output. He believes that a great creator also is a master of deconstructing a given creation and vice versa.

In the process of creation and destruction the idea of abstraction gradually becomes reality and reality loses its grip on our psyche and veers towards nothingness, and perhaps art is the element that merges them and gives these two forces a meaning.

Those who have experienced his abstract works will vouch this reality that his depiction of the primordial nature of creation is very close to life. His artworks reveal the simplicity of his understanding of life and nature and his love for art i.e. he paints because he loves to paint.

WHERE: Visual Arts Gallery, IHC
WHEN: 25 to 31 August
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