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A way through Egypt

A way through Egypt
The essence of Egypt can be sensed in the Capital as Embassy of Egyptbrings to you the Photo Gallery of Egyptian Treasure and Calligraphy. 

The exhibition showcases photographs and replicas of the old jewellery and antiquities Egypt and Arabic calligraphy. Egyptian Ambassador to India, Khaled Ali Moustafa El-Bakly inaugurated the exhibition on 23 April at the India International Centre. 

Also on display were the statues of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses like Maat- the goddess of righteousness, truth and justice whose symbol was a blue ostrich feather, Anubis– the god of death whose task became holding the scales of judgement over the time. The statue of goddess Serqet is also being displayed at the exhibition whose name means the one who allows to breathing along with the statue of Hathor, an ancient Egyptian god who was the principle of joy. 

Relpicating the march of Tutankhamun towards a battlefield in the form of a statue adds to the interest of the viewers. 

There also are a number of pictures of ancient jewellery and antiquities of the Egyptian culture that dealt way back from 14 century to present age. 

A rare necklace with falcon pendant made of gold carvelian, chaludry and colourful glass; goldcrowns, bracelets, earnings and anklet from the 16-17 century are also displayed at the exhibition. 

The Arabic calligraphy displayed at the exhibition showcases certains qoutes of the ancient Paroahs. Among  those is a picture showing the various names of the prophet and qoute of  Ali Ibn Abi Talin describing it. 

A stunning collection that should not be missed. Head over! 

When: On till 30 April
Where: India International Centre, Lodhi Road

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