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A tryst with pretence

The air of pretence filled that swanky large room with an exquisite decor. The middle-aged women, mainly the likes of ‘Sunanda Pushkar’( In terms of glam quotient) were swarming in from all the entrances of the hall, air-kissing their acquaintances and trying to be unnaturally cordial with the newly made ones.The imported juice was treated as the substitute for the imported wine( It was badly missed, though). The suited men(mainly the tycoons) surrounded the kurta-clad men(the ministers of course!). Laughed when they laughed, stopped when they stopped. The perfect combination was seen of the glamour-stricken women, who were boastfully talking about the business deals that their big-bellied husbands have cracked, also, showing off their new solitaires and other voguish accessories that they had got from some swanky store as the symbol of their accomplishments and the big-shot husbands, on the other hand, acting as religious pets to the ministers, in order to increase and keep the solitaire stock intact.

I sat a little too close to the people but maintained a healthy distance from their world. It fascinated me at first the way it would, to any commoner getting exposed to such glittery unions. But the bling of that world was too bright for my ‘normal’ eyes, that were prone to such unnatural brightness. My glass of juice and some kebabs on my plate were my perfect companion throughout the evening. I was happy savouring them and deep down was, even more, happier to sneak out from that ‘unreal’ room, that was too hurtful for my practical demeanour!

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