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A treasure trove

A treasure trove
A collection of short stories In And out of Theatres are memoirs of real people; of pain and suffering; and yet of hope and belief. Singh has cleverly ‘weaved in’ two parts of the world together to convey life’s philosophy through his debut book.

Along with Shabana Azmi, the occasion was graced by renowned names like Tarun Vijay, Member of Parliament and Santosh Gangwar, Minister of State for Textiles along with PK Dave, Former Director, AIIMS and Shishir Priyadarshi, Director-WTO, Geneva.  Born in a small town of Bareilly and graduated from KGMC Lucknow, Brijeshwar is as passionate about the literary theatre and the performing arts, as he is about the orthopaedics. 

Singh noted, “I haven’t ever performed on stage but I am a theatre promoter. I was always very fond if theatre, when I was working in Delhi I used to see a lot of plays which motivated me to step into it’. 

Brijeshwar Singh is a noted orthopaedic surgeon based at Bareilly, who while being constantly in and out of operation-theatre is a maverick and an avid theatre nurturer. He noted, “I have always believed that just treating the patients for their ailments is not enough, it is necessary to look into their financial and emotional backgrounds as well. So this book is all about those nuggets of wisdom that I got while interacting with my patients throughout my medical career which really helped me in my clinical practice”

While addressing the audience Shabana Azmi noted, “For any nation to be healthy, medicine and science are important but art has the power to create a climate where change can occur. 

I belong to the industry of art and it is impossible to run a theatre group without any sponsorship. It is commendable that Brijeshwar has been able to do that, till the time I don’t go there and check it for myself I will not be complete.”

In 2007, Singh came up with an idea of a festival which lasted for 13 days and consisted of two plays. It is through theatre that he learnt the art of writing which later helped him to write his own book.
Singh runs a theatre group in Bareilly known by the name Rangvinayak Rangmandal that  began in 2009, consisting of 30 people. 

Singh added, “I feel humbled to have such esteemed people who have gathered here for unveiling of my first book. I would like to thank all my patients and theatre colleagues, who actually inspired me to pen down my thoughts. I have tried narrating all my stories in the simplest yet effective manner. I hope to receive positive responses from the readers.” 
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