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A tilt too terrible

The Western media’s unambiguous bias towards the Israeli side of the Palestinian conflict has broken all records of shamelessness. The barbarous murder of Jewish and Palestinian children has greatly enraged the global fraternity, but the news media, particularly the biggest state-owned and private media corporations, including the BBC, have only focused on Tel Aviv side of the story, without sparing a thought for thousands of Arab men, women and children killed in the ritual encounters and bombings in the occupied territories of Gaza and West Bank. It seems that the world has been blindsided by Israel’s telegenic tears shed on TV screens of global media behemoths, which, traditionally reluctant to cover the Palestinian side of the tale, have now washed their hands off even giving minimum credit to the homeless and stateless people. While the killing of the three Israeli teenagers was a heinous crime and a terrible tragedy, Israel’s greater sin has been to ride and sell it to buy off global sympathy and friendly bytes on television in a loop. Israeli heartbreak has sanctioned not just Tel Aviv, but pretty much the Western media, with some daunting exceptions such The Guardian, to carry out extensive rocket and drone strike in the occupied regions, which have now killed hundreds more. How can the international community allow Israel’s vendetta diplomacy to peddle its way into the highest echelons, so that even the United Nations is compelled to maintain a deafening silence on the issue?     
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