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A symphony of colours

A symphony of colours
Are you looking for a break from your dull and monotonous life? Then head over to explore various artworks at Symphony. It is a group exhibition organised by  Pearl art Gallery on 25 July and will stay on till 23 August.

The exhibition is set up by a group of artists - Sukanta Das, Madan Lal, Avijit Roy, ArunPandit, Dilip Oinam, Amit Gaur, who believe that colours provoke emotions. Their preferred styles are real, surreal, abstract and conceptual. They identify beauty where ordinary eyes see nothing but ordinary things and these artists bring those ordinary things face to face with beauty through their work of art.

Artist Arun Pandit’s art works are based on a simple Buddha Philosophy appo deepo bhawa which in simple terms means develop yourself. His paintings are simple, figurative and hold instant connectivity with common life.

Artist Avijit Roy has named his painting series Hope To Meet At Infinity which is dedicated to the divine, eternal and immortal life stage the ‘Childhood’. Childhood fantasy and their emotional creative mind has always inspired him to create his paintings. Hope To Meet At Infinity is about passion, fantasy and a strong belief that a child have to make their childhood an immortal part of their soul. The use of paper boat as an element in his paintings is to symbolise the endless struggle prone journey of life.

As an artist Sukanta Das, is primarily inspired by the human being and nature. Artist uses subtle hues and tones to portray their interdependence and symbiotic relationships. His canvases are a homage to the stories of celestial love and the ethereal co- existence of nature with humans.

Mythological representation of this interconnection fabricates a new world of symbolic fantasy that celebrates sublime love.

Artist Madan Lal works are a kaleidoscope of life experiences that always find their space in some nook or corner of his composition. Reflective of his growth not only as an artist, his works are a narration of a personal inner journey and spiritual growth. It is interesting to watch the Bull, a symbol of power and virility, an element that has been dominating his previous series, start to merge in the background. Instead, ‘parrot’ epitomising ‘soul’, makes its presence felt very gently amidst complexity of life.

In his present series, the human face representing ‘self’ is in dichotomy between the material and spiritual worlds. His work titled Mirage, depicts the man who has turned into an ascetic, after breaking away from the world of materialism that is chasing him as a bird. He seems desperate to search the reflection of self, in the blue water below. Interestingly, Madan leaves it to the viewers to follow the quest and find the answer to the reflection that eludes like a mirage.

WHERE: Pearl Art Gallery, Hauz Khas Village
WHEN: On till 23 August, 11:00 am – 7:00 pm. Sunday closed

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