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A story on Julien Segard

A story on Julien Segard
Julien Segard, a French visual artist, has been living in Delhi for the past two years and is currently the resident artist at The Rose Hotel in Hauz Khas village. Born in Martigues, France in 1980, he is one artist to whom art is all about looking beyond what one would normally ignore. The first thing that comes to one’s mind is that it's wacky and a point of view people can hardly ignore anymore.

He believes that many a times we overlook the truth we do not like, but it is another aspect of truth that he prefers telling in his work. 'How many times can a man pretend?’ asks Segard. He's interested a great deal in what life can offer.

Living in Delhi has not only taught him to speak English but he has also picked up a few Hindi words which he uses every now and then, keeping him abreast with the local lingo. What he finds interesting in the city of Delhi is the constant contrast the city has to offer.

Here the people and the culture have a touch of irony, and somewhere it is that contrast that Segard is intrigued by. His collection has a cabinet full of bottles, where each shelf has a series of different items in the jar. This structure is installed in a small room connecting the entrance and the cafe visible through a glass counter. The shelves contain nearly 350 glass jars, each filled with random items like cigarette covers, milk packets, etc. which will be sold for about Rs 400.

In simple words, through his art he tells a story of what people usually miss out or sometimes deliberately ignore. It is the shadow of that truth which is extended in his work, which brings that aspect of reality to the forefront. Among other works, he had tried to capture scenes like dangling wires, which could easily be passed off as ugly by a layman, but the artist within him challenged this perception and reflected on the contrast with the beauty around it.

His work includes watercolours, drawings, art installations, pictures, sculpture and frescoes.

Segard says, ‘My art is open to interpretation and people have also gladly interpreted according to how it relates to them.’

Julien Segard has exhibited his art throughout France since 2004. His solo exhibitions include Last Days, Marseille, Traffic, Toulon, The Corps of a Square, Shape of a City, Toxic, Peregrinations, and Kuwait, which were exhibited in France, Ghana and India. Kuwait was exhibited in 2012 at a barber’s shop in Partapur, Rajasthan.
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