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A step forward for Palestine

That the United Nations assembly voted last Thursday for the recognition of Palestine as a state is not surprising, given that the world is interested in peace in the Middle East. It was on 29 November, 1947, that the UN General Assembly voted 33 to 13 (with 10 abstentions and 1 absent) in favour of the Partition Plan for Palestine. While the state of Israel was formed within a year, but for the Palestinians it was a long wait to be recognised as a  state.In this scenario, it is good that India voted in favour of Palestine becoming an observer state in the UN.

However, both Israel and the United States have voted against this measure. This is not surprising, given that the conflict between Israel and Hamas has intensified in Palestine. Israel and the Palestinians continue to be at loogerheads. This is because the various issues between them remain unresolved and even mediation by those interested in resolving the dispute has not helped matters. The various issues between the Palestinians and Israel are complex and cannot be easily resolved, as is proved by the conflict in Gaza. A recent provocation has been the Israeli attack on Palestinian targets in the Gaza Strip. This is not the first of such attacks. The old conflict in Palestine over  land and borders has revived despite the many attempts to reconcile the two sides. In this current conflict several hundred people have lost their lives, though the precise numbers of the dead and wounded is still not clear.  It would appear that there are strong forces not keen on a solution to the Palestinian problem. Israel and Palestine has been at loggerheads over land which they regard as border issues with both laying claims to various territories and with some factions on both sides of the fence taking rigid stands. The two sides seem to be eternally locked in conflict despite the many attempts to bring about peace and to make them smoke the peace pipe. It would certainly have been easier to solve this issue through peace talks and negotiations, but this seems however, seems to be difficult, given the strong stance of the Israelis and the US.

As is well-known, this conflict has also reached India in recent times. Earlier this year an Israeli diplomat’s wife was seriously injured in an attack in an attack on her car in New Delhi on the way to a school. Though the police has not been able to make headway in this case, it can easily be seen from this incident that this conflict has international dimensions and should not be allowed to escalate.
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