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A step for awareness

A step for awareness
Aligning initiatives with the theme of International Women’s Day- Make It happen, The Imperial had put together an exclusive cancer awareness session in association with  ‘Roko Cancer Charitable Trust’, to encourage effective action and awareness about Breast and oral cancer, for women associates on March 2 at The Imperial Ladies’ Club in the hotel.

The session was conducted by doctors Mahak Verma and Sakshi Sharma who shared incidences of the disease, showcased signs and symptoms for identification and cleared myths/taboos related to it.

The doctors also took the audience through precautionary methods to prevent cancer with special emphasis on Breast Cancer Screening and promoting the fact that all ladies should perform breast self exam every month and that all women should go in for mammogram after the age of 40, annually. They also talked about tobacco cessation in context to oral cancer.

The aim of this session on the occasion of International Women’s day was to spread the message and to make women aware that cancer is not a death sentence if detected early. Regular screenings/ check-ups can not only prevent lives but can instruct to check its symptoms, follow its preventive measures and be safe.

The Imperial had joined hands with Roko Cancer Charitable Trust to put together this special event since Roko Cancer is an organization committed to identifying and eliminating Breast, Cervical and oral cancer in an institutionalized and structured manner by creating awareness amongst women of the nuances of this dreadful disease and its early detection through screening processes and self examinations.

The evening concluded with a healthy and succulent Hi-tea spread prepared by the chefs at The Imperial, celebrating women’s health for the occasion.
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