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A ray of hope

A ray of hope
India has the largest population of vulnerable and street children in the world. 11 million of these kids are living or working on the brutal streets, out of education, and are not recognized officially in any way. To help this less fortunate kids find their way, PayUMoney and MasterCard present a rare opportunity Colour My Life to the previleged children. This initiative allows fortunate and school going children to help the less fortunate and underprivileged ones.

Through the campaign, we have the chance to instill great values in the children by encouraging them to visualize, empathize and portray the rough life of street children. Thus invoking a sense of compassion and responsibility of the privileged towards the underprivileged. We have an opportunity to raise awareness amongst the privileged class that, an extremely vulnerable group of children need our attention and help in providing them with a safe educated, healthy and sound environment. 

Every street child should not only be made aware of their  right to education but also have the facility to exercise this right.The chidren have a chance to contribute towards this cause through their simple artwork. 

Each participating student will be required to pay a small amount of Rs.10. This sum will be shared with India Vision Foundation, an NGO that works towards improving the lives of street children.

4500 students from 150 schools registered in the campaign where 1200+ art work were uploaded. Out of the total 1200+ entries so far, top 50 will be selected through an online voting mechanism and Jury’s discretion.

The  top 50 entries will be exhibited today . Out of these 50 arts, top 6 winners will be selected and felicitated by  Kiran Bedi. 

The final top 6 entries will win cash prize worth Rs 11,000 each. The top 50 entries will be sold through an online and offline auction and the money raised through it will be handed over to India Vision Foundation.

When: 26 April 
Where: Epicentre, Gurgaon
Timing: 2.30-7 pm

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