A pinch of salt and pepper in life

A pinch of salt and pepper in life
What happened when the complexities in the relationship between a man and a woman was revealed on stage? That was what was put on stage last weekend. Called Salt N Pepper, the play presented by Ballantine’s was a direct imitation of convoluted relationships.

The play has already toured Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad before coming to Gurgaon, where the audience was taken for a ride through the subtle yet darker sides of people who have been or are in a relationship or who need to associate with each other due to circumstances.

Salt N Pepper comprised a series of 10 stories of 10 minutes each, revolving around the lives of 10 people. It featured artistes like Mandira Bedi, Kuki Grewal, Darshan Jariwala and Vikram Kochhar. The stories were directed by writer-director Vikranth Pawar.

‘In each of the 10 plays, from Dust to The Tango to The Giant Wheel and more, the stories spun right before your eyes. One can watch oneself transported and transformed and feel life unfolding and see people engaged in all sorts of pursuits — trivial and otherwise,’ said Kochhar.

The 10 stories brought together all the overt and covert emotions that people go through in a relationship. Emotions galore were enacted — from love to anger, sadness, hope, expectations and more.

The play is called Salt N Pepper because the stories encapsulate the tales of both the young and old. ‘These tales take audiences through the subtle relationships strings between men and women through conversations, chance meetings, strange incidents, and even conversations that happen only in one’s mind,’ added Vikranth when asked how the different stories connect. The stories mainly focused on the dark side of relationships. For those in a relationship or contemplating one, this could be an interesting watch.
Anubha Singh

Anubha Singh

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