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A philosophical view of nature on canvas

A philosophical view of nature on canvas
Diamond Soul, a painting exhibition by Yogendra Sethi is being organised in the Capital that begins on 1 October. The paintings are a vivid and fertile presentation of nature over the canvases where strength of mountains and brilliancy of diamonds are visible. The acrylic on canvas, which has always been Sethi’s favourite medium, ostensibly reflects his personal love of nature and a deep sense of spirituality.

The current collection Diamond Soul brings his core philosophy and spirituality to the surface. Each painting depicts his mastery over his skills - that of positive feelings, philosopher, spiritual guru and an artist. The artist in him seems to assuage the hardness of diamonds with his subtle exploits on the canvas, depicting the exhibits of nature.

Yogendra, who hails from Indore, is an acclaimed jewel designer. His fascination for painting started at an early age. After obtaining a master’s degree in fine arts in 1973 from Indore School of Fine arts he went to Berkeley, California for an MBA. His landscapes too moved from traditional to contemporary and conceptual as he explored the vast expanse of nature in California, USA.

Later as he worked with colour gems and observed their qualities closely, an idea took seed from which was born a new form of art - very unique and thought provoking. Nature that he had loved to paint throughout his life, had taken on a new form of life in his paintings. The strokes, the lines, the colours were that of a mountain, rock or nature, but at the same time resembled human figure or a group of people - all dynamic, and active. Art pieces from his collection have been exhibited at art galleries across the world.

When: 1 – 7 October Where: Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre

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