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A petal of peac

Visual Art Gallery presents Prashanti- solo art exhibition by Pushpa Bagrodia and  curated by Uma Nair. Six or so paintings of a large format will be displayed in the show that will be inaugurated by and member of Parliament Jaya Bachchan. The exhibition will be held at the Visual Art Gallery, at the Capital's India Habitat Center from December 11 to 18. These works have their origin in a series of perspective studies of flowers and plants, in which the position of the horizon line has been shifted within an  intuition of a nature lover.

The resulting “structures” of flowers serve as the framework for the development of the works in which flowers gradually take form and spiritual substance. Scraps of narrative become discernible and relate to one another, suggestive of the aesthetic typical of a meditative mood. Also in the show are a series of seascapes and plant studies allied with the beauty springing from the artist’s brush.

Art critic Uma Nair who has penned an essay for a book states that “Pushpa Bagrodia is India's Georgia OKeefe-her works emanate a poetics of banality, an aesthetic of the outskirts shot through with echoes of nature rhythms.”

Elsewhere, the silhouette of palms and bamboo stalks and leaves fill the spaces of the work that seem to stem from organic laws of painting more than from a requirement for narrative. Rather than the staging of a guiding narration, Pushpa Bagrodia’s viewpoint is articulated in a manner of painting the world that surrounds her in her lush landscaped home at Vasant Kunj Farms.

She envisages her subjects as a concentrated construction in process, interrupted in each painting and continued in the next, reaching towards an end that is more utopian and eternal in tonality. She thus presents us with the “experience of a painting” rather than the “painting of an experience”, entifying in the pictorial field the subtle blend of the Impressionist and the Realist schools of the past. A book on her works will also be released by Jaya Bachchan.

The quiet thinker who plumbs the depths of nature to create realist studies that capture the limpid tones of the lotus pond, Pushpa Bagrodia is one of those silent workers who embraces nature's bounties with a serenity you can't imagine.

“Even when I traveled in later and early years, my unconscious search would be to find  trees and plants,” says she. “It excites me, anytime any place.” She takes photographs of plants and trees and landscapes wherever she goes and comes back and puts it to paper with her watercolour pencils.

In her early years she learned from the wash artist Indra Dugar. Over the past 15 years she has been mentored by the brilliant water colourist Sudip Roy. She held many exhibitions in Calcutta, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and Chandigarh.

Where: Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi
When: December 11- 18
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