A palette full of mangoes

A palette full of  mangoes
Summer is the time for easy, vibrant and light recipes and what more one could ask for if mango rules the palette. The freshly picked summer fruit finds delectable space in raw and ripe variants in Chef Veena’s of The Imperial kitchen Summer Collection menu of South East Asian delicacies, that give patrons a chance to look forward to the swelter season. 

The menu features Amba Paripoo Curry – Sri Lankan lentils and raw mango curry, <g data-gr-id="22">Irachi</g> <g data-gr-id="23">Manghai</g> Curry – Kerala style mutton curry cooked with raw mangoes, <g data-gr-id="24">Maambalam</g> <g data-gr-id="25">Katrikai</g> – curried baby eggplant and  water chestnuts flavoured with raw mango and coconut paste and Ga <g data-gr-id="26">xao</g> Hot Dieu – stir-fried chicken with fresh mangoes and cashew nuts Vietnamese style amongst other delectable offerings are put together to whet the appetite of mango lovers at The Spice Route.

In the words of the Chef, “Summer Collection menu has been close to my heart since the time The Spice Route opened doors, and invokes timelessness for me, the moment I started planning it each year. Inspired by fashion fraternity, the menu is whipped up to dish out something unique for the patrons in the landmark kitchen of this world famous restaurant. 

The interesting raw and ripe mango based South-East Asian recipes are refreshing like the advent of summer ought to be and a celebration of the season of course. While mangoes are not integral to Thai cuisine, the fruit is abundant in the season and that’s why the complete menu revolves around it in its own unique way. I have somehow tried to keep the fruit central to the palette layering and balancing it with other flavours.”

When: May 15 - July 15 
Timings: 12:30pm to 2:45pm and 7pm to 11:45pm
Price: Rs 8500 + taxes for two people


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