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A noble deal

A noble deal
Author Jeroninio Almeida and Jaico Publishing House announced a book deal for Karma Kurry- The Hero in Me book series on 30 October at Oxford Bookstore. Karma Kurry published in 2013 is a Non-Fiction bestseller in various lists. The unique book deal for an amount of Rs 12 crore for 10 more books to be published by 2020 is unique and iconic in the publishing industry. All proceeds, royalties and fees will be donated to the national character building movement and other citizen action and social justice causes espoused by him, announced the author.

Jerry has also been raising fund through the book for rehabilitation for the people affected by the Kashmir Floods. This is being done through an initiative called IBTEDA- The beginning, which is led not by NGOS but by conscientious people and citizens of Kashmir who are living across India and overseas.

Almeida  said, ‘Karma Kurry is just not a book series for me but a passion, a journey of many, many years and a vision with a compelling mission to help bring about a change in our world by telling inspiring stories of real life heroes to people .These stories of everyday real heroes accompanied by inspirational quotes and self help thought-triggers which would help readers to discover and unleash their huge potential and awaken the hero within them’.

Making the announcement, Priti Paul Director, Apeejay Surrendra Group said, ‘The book Karma Kurry, brings to life true stories of Real Heroes.

These are people who have lived their lives putting their Karma front and forward as our oldest religious scriptures ask us to’.

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