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A musical celebration

 MPost |  2015-04-11 21:20:16.0  |  New Delhi

A musical celebration

A musical evening Celebrating Karnataka in memory of Janab Zafar Saifullah Saheb was organised by the India Harmony Foundation and The Ministry of Tourism, Govt of Karnataka on April 8 at India International Centre.  Celebrating Karnataka was inaugurated by K Rahman Khan Saheb (former Union Minister of Minority Affairs and presently Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha), Roshan Baig (Minister of Infrastructure, Govt of Karnataka), RV Deshpande (Minister of Tourism, Govt. of Karnataka), S A Husain (Chairman - Karnataka Tourism Development Corporation). Celebrating Karnataka was a fulfillment of Janab Zafar Saifullah Saheb’s dream, to showcase the state as a harmonious blend of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Christian and Islamic cultures.

The Foundation’s quarterly magazine India Harmony was launched on the occasion. This beautiful fully illustrated magazine, with Karnataka as its theme profiles the region’s unparalleled wildlife and scenic beauty that are an uplifting symphony for the soul.

Renowned ghazal maestro Pandit Vithal Rao and Swati Srinivas from Hyderabad, were lead singers in the mesmerising presentation.

Vithal Rao Shivpurkar’s repertoire ranges from classic ghazals to devotional bhajans. An exponent of Sufi kalam and geet, one of the last court musicians of the Nizam of Hyderabad, a name that truly epitomises the Hyderabadi classical ghazal tradition.

Swati Srinivas  is a recipient of the National Scholarship of Sangeet Naatak Academy and has a scholarship from Bhatkhande University, Lucknow. Her long-cherished desire to receive taaleem in ghazals, has found fruition at the feet of ghazal Samraat Pandit Vitthal Rao of Hyderabad.

The show has been conceptualised, designed and produced by Kulsoom Noor Saifullah (Managing Trustee of the India Harmony Foundation) and Jahanara Saifullah Shahbaaz. Celebrating Karnataka carried the audience on a nostalgic journey through dargahs, forts and palaces of the Bahmani Sultans of Gulbarga, Bidar and Bijapur, whose pulse, era and nuances Shagufta Yasmin brought to life with her magical mastery over Urdu.

Kulsoom Noor Saifullah has created musical theatre presentations weaving narratives of bygone eras with interludes of music, poetry, dance and song, against a backdrop of visuals, transporting the audience into another time and place.



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