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A Momentary Infatuation

A Momentary Infatuation
I have a crush on my friend’s father. He’s too hot and a single parent. Should I approach him? I’m in college?
Name unknown, New Delhi

Crush or infatuation is a temporary attraction which will get over with time. He is your friend’s father and I’m sure that if you do not let go of this feeling now, you might lose your friend in future. Just imagine, one of your friend fantasising your parent! How does that feel? Change shoes and act/react in life. This will make life and its decisions easier. Too many hot, hotter younger and eligible men around. Explore. Play safe but don’t run after ‘uncles’ please!

I am a 25 years old girl. I have been in a relationship from three years. My parents don’t approve this relationship and I also am losing interest. Please suggest me a solution so that he could leave me forever.
Jasmine, New Delhi

Don’t waste life if you already know that it is over. The whole point in a relationship is to have reciprocating feeling and trust. If either of them is lost then relationship gets weak and eventually dies. You will have to make him understand that, continuing this relationship will only hurt both of you and will spread to your family members as well. Talk and get it resolved. I am confident that you will be able to resolve it. If this gets difficult, involve your family and seek their help to sort this. Be confident of your decision and execute it.

I have a team of 23 employees. There seems to be an ego issue somewhere. How to address this and have a solution?
Mr. R Shiv, Kolkata

Ego clashes are nasty, destructive diseases that can harm businesses large and small. There isn’t one answer to solving the problem; solutions are dictated by the personalities involved and circumstances, but good communication is vital. Explain to the employee or employees that you need to sit down with them and talk about what has happened. You need to listen to events from their perspective. Talk as little as possible – it’s about allowing the employee to express their views. Effective, constructive confrontation will surely be beneficial. 

I got married very early. We eloped when I was 19 and he was 23. I am a mother of a 3 year old now. I have recently discovered that my husband is having many extra marital affairs. I’m shattered. How can I stop him?
Name unknown

It is not easy to really stop anyone from doing anything. But, you should do everything to try and stop this. Words, emotional blackmail, threats, tears…..use every weapon possible to rectify this situation. Confront him directly and warn him about the ugly consequence that one has to face for adultery. 

The age is sometimes the reason why there is a lack of maturity and may be with time the situation will improve. Don’t lose heart and fight it out with the person whom you love. Stay cool and be confident. All the best.

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