A Memory filled Monsoon

A Memory filled Monsoon
With his unique concept and power to toy with human psyche he attempts to unveil buried feelings of a person’s mind. Amit said, “Memories are transcendental by nature. They act as time machine that cradles a human mind between now and then, hither and thither with memories flashing in pieces”. 

He explains, these memories could be both sweet and sour but it is something that connects to ones individuality and something one has absorbed from their surrounding. The exhibition will portray the state of calmness and peace through mix medium of art and will be showcased at DSIIDC, Narela, Industrial Area from June 18 and will conclude on June 30.

Through this show the artist has tried to arrange the scattered puzzle pieces of memories to understand the subconscious state of mind which results in understanding one’s own self. Every touch of the brush hovers between reality and fantasy world, balancing every virtual image that restrains the power to grasp an impression and make it everlasting on canvas. 

 Serenity is a series conceived, nurtured and delivered from the womb of memory, inspired by anything and everything against any limits. Artist Amit Dutt believes in immeasurable flow of thought process and hence his paintings offer a panoramic view to the observer. The figurative paintings in this solo show will showcase the impetuous state of human mind and will portray the different shades of human consciousness. 

Each of his painting consists of vibrant and sober colors blend fairly in a unique way which builds a serene characteristic in the art. They are loud enough to pour the heart and soul of a spectator with thoughts but are peaceful to look at due to its subtle nature. The contrasting shades of color every painting has, narrates a different story. But the message perceived by each the viewer vary in 
many ways.


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