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A medley of emotions on a plate

A medley of emotions on a plate
Mix Veg in Hot and Garlic Sauce rings a bell somewhere as one relates it to the popular Chinese delicacy. Surprisingly enough, the dish just got better as it was served hot and fresh at the LTG auditorium to the lovers of theatre and food together.

The play, which was staged by Desires Unlimited and directed by Hemant Kathuria, had the perfect blend of hilarious moments to entertain the packed auditorium.

‘The play is an adaptation of American author Neil Simon’s Fools. Simon wrote the play out of complete disinterest. But as and when it was enacted he was shocked beyond words to witness such a grand success of his work. The play became an instant hit in a short span of time,’ said Hemant Kathuria, director and ideator of the play.

Mix Veg in Hot and Garlic Sauce had a total run of six shows in the capital. Apart from the endearing elements of perfect acting and scripting, the play also boasts of a unique name.

‘Mix Veg in Hot and Garlic Sauce is this whacky Chinese dish which constitutes every possible ingredient. My play also works on similar lines. It boasts of all possible emotions related to love, jealousy, angst, hatred along with some comic elements,’ points out Kathuria.

The story begins in a village called Akal which is a fool’s paradise. It’s under a curse that no one in the village will ever become wise and thus follows a series of funny incidents and anecdotes which leaves the audience in splits.

Their idiocy is reflected through their behaviour, manner of conversation and the way they carry out their routine work. For example, how a father mispronounce his daughter’s name? So instead of  Radha, he says adha or gadha. Then again, a nimbu pani vendor starts selling amla pani because both the fruits are similar in size and colour.

In comes a teacher who falls in love with the village doctor’s daughter and eventually realises that the village is under no spell. It’s only a belief by all at a very subconscious level.

Tarun Singhal, who plays the role of Mohan [teacher], is the lone intelligent character among all the duds. Anuj Dhariwal as village doctor, Rohini Khanna as Radha, the daughter of the doctor, Shirin Sewani as Radha’s mother and Ankita Negi as the woman seller of lemon water evoke seriously funny moments through their characters.

The one hour 40 minutes play is a byproduct of two and a half months of conceptualising and execution. ‘The major challenge was to translate the play from English to Hindi while maintaining the punches of comedy. I believe the Delhi audience is innately fond of capers and light humour. I am glad the play has received an extremely positive response in the Delhi theatre circuit. My hard work during my honeymoon while scripting the play has reaped in fruits,’ Kathuria joked.
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