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A leap of joy

A leap of joy
Mohay Suhaagan keeni ray mosay naina milaikay...Chhap tilak sab cheeni ray mosay naina milaikay. These lines written by poet Amir Khusraw sends out quite an intriguing feeling. This expression is further explored by Malavika Sarukkai in her creation, Love, Longing and Transcendence.

Self choreographed, her dance performance is based on the poetic lines of Khusraw — Those who drown in love are the ones who cross over. ‘Love, Longing... traces the journey of being in the most romantic state. It’s a quest to decipher his mystical poetry,’ said Malavika.

The classical dance will highlight nuanced imagery by presenting the rich heritage of Sufism. It will be performed on pre-recorded music composed by Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan.

‘Dance has to mirror the voice and information upon which it is based. For this performance, abstraction was certainly the calling. It’s not about linearity. Rather the emphasis is on artistic articulation with a lot of celebration,’ explained Malavika.

As a passionate dancer, Malavika has a large body of work. Her collaborative productions have synergised through dialogues with artists from different media — poets, musicians, painters, sculptors and contemporary writers. Intense, extraordinary and luminous are the qualities that distinguish her dancing.

‘I worship my dance. For me its ‘Bhakti Poetry’. Love, Longing and Transcendence is a 70-minute consecrate to the highest nameless formless entity. It should be noted that a great deal of intellectual insight goes into choreography. It takes time to create something profound,’ said Malavika.

She has participated in major Dance Festivals: Festivals of India in the US, France, UK, Japan, Brazil, including Jacob’s Pillow, Boston, UCLA, Asia Society, New York, Smithsonian Institute, International Arts Festival, Adelaide, Munich 90 Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Theatre du Rond-point, Paris and Saddlers Wells among others.

What’s the last minute preparation before going on stage? ‘It’s crucial for any artist to centre him/herself. I delve deep down in myself, find my potential and touch my inner being before taking that final perfromance leap,’ said Malavika.

‘It’s easy to be imitative but much difficult to be innovative, which requires reflection. The world currently is so devoid of silence and noisy. The purpose of art is to attain the final body and mind alignment and am still in its lurch. I would call myself a mere drop in the ocean,’ she concludes.


At: Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg
When: 28 September
Timings: 7 PM
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