A journey back and forth in time

A journey back and forth in time
Artist Sudip Roy’s works have always been fashioned out of his personal experiences.  The real and the iconic often brush past each other in his creations. Experiences and inspirations, an even more provocative sum of constructions, is what you will find in the paintings of the Government College of Art, Kolkata graduate.

The artist is back with his new solo exhibition Journey which started in the Capital Sunday and was inaugurated by poet-lyricist Javed Akhtar. Some of the paintings at the exhibition make explicit the beauty implicit in the human body, showing that its form was inherently beautiful suggesting that it was ideal despite itself. Beauty in art with the figurative studies promises transcendence of the flesh even as it needed the body to be fleshed out — needed to be embodied — to be taken seriously. Human body in its myriad forms figures prominently in his works here.

Watercolours, linear pencil and shade works stand out for their execution and elegance. What makes Roy’s drawings stand out is his determination in the quest for decisive images. He takes a scene or idea and seeks the most highly concentrated, explicit form to express it with an immediate impact. He sees drawing as something that brands the imagination, so he creates dulcet scenes of humble hamlets.

The means he uses are based on simple, lucid and straightforward compositions — a style of drawing that sums up a landscape in just a few lines in the absence of colours. In keeping with his aims, he has used them without restraint.

In the abstracts, Roy no longer merely hints at beauty and nor is it incidental. Beauty here, in fact, is sketched to the minutest detail and is spontaneous.  


At: Gallery Art Positive Gallery, F-213/B, Lado Sarai, Old MB Road
On till: 16 January
Timings: 11am to 7pm


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