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A great platform for Indian classical music

A great platform for Indian classical music
With the world progressing every moment, does it leave us with no time to keep up with our own traditions? If that has somewhere bothered you, then the two-day Dhrupad and Indian classical music festival that paid homage to the legendary Ustad Fahimuddin  Khan Dagar was a good place to be in.

The concert was organised by Ustad Imamuddin Khan Dagar Indian Music Art & Culture Society, Jaipur along with Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA), Delhi and Naad Saagar Archives. It was an initiative to rekindle the passion for conserving and propagating the culture of Indian classical music.
The memorial programme, it started with a documentary on the life of Dagar entitled Great Masters Series: Ustad Fahimuddin  Khan Dagar. It touched upon his life, his dedication to music and also some aspects of his personal life.

‘[Dagar], told me if I wanted to learn compositions I could learn it from anyone but  he could only teach the purity of notes and sounds,’ said Arnab Chatterjee, one of his disciples.

After the documentary, there was a performance of Dhrupad by Arnab Chatterjee and Salma Ghosh.
Both Arnab and Salma hailed from Calcutta and are trained Indian classical musicians. Salma sings in Dagarvani Dhrupad.

Some of the compositions Chatterjee sang were the Mangala Charan which is an auspicious chanting, then he started the Alap, and later the Bandish. This musical composition of Dhrupad was accompanied by Pandit Dalchand Sharma on Pakhawaj and Shruti Gupta on Tanpura. Thereafter, Salma Ghosh, one of the few women who sang Dhrupad was on stage  for another tribute to Ustad Fahimuddin  Khan Dagar.
Although Dr Francesca Cassio, who was supposed to perform, did not make it some of the artists who performed Dhrupad were,  Prof. Kaberi Kar, Ustad Faiyaz Wasifuddin Dagar Prashant Mallick, Nishant Mallick and Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar.

Rashmi Chakraborty played the violin while Ustad Mohi Baha’ud-din Dagar was on the Rudra Veena. Vidushi Malti Gilani performed Khayal and Pandit Debu Chaudhuri was on Sitar. The second day started with a guided  session on the recordings of Ustad Rahim Fahimuddin Khan Dagar  by Naad Saagar Archives [a web-based NGO for the preservation of culture].

Other artistes who performed were Pandit Praveen Arya on Pakhawaj, Pandit Mithilesh Kumar Jha  on Tabla, Ustad Ghulam Sabir Khan  on Sarangi, Ustad Zamir Ahmad Khan on Harmonium, Nawab Ali Khan  on Tabla and Shri Uma Shankar on Surmandal.

A good way to know about the great traditions of the Indian classical music.
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