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A glimpse of Jharkhandi culture at ‘Bharat Parva-2016’

 MPost |  2016-01-29 21:36:24.0  |  New Delhi

A glimpse of Jharkhandi culture at ‘Bharat Parva-2016’

Foodies, especially those who like traditional Jharkhandi cuisine, are in for a treat as Tourism, Art & Culture, Sports and Youth affairs department of government of Jharkhand is participating in ‘Bharat Parva-2016’ which is going to be held at Red Fort in the national Capital from January 26-29. All preparations, to showcase Jharkhand’s delicious and popular food items as well as typical ethnic dance forms of state, have been finalised by the department.

Apart from enjoying the delicacies, people will also have a taste of Jharkhand’s rich culture and tradition as the event also caters to the needs of art and dance lovers. Artists, cooks and dancers from the state are camping in the national capital for the four-day event. A team sent by Jharkhand tourism to participate in ‘Bharta Parva-2016’ has mouth watering delicacies to suit the palate of both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians. Dishes like Dhooska meat, Mutton-Jhor, Murgi Jhor, Rehu Jhor, etc for non vegetarian foodies and Peetha, Usna Chawal, Kurthi Dal, Chilka, Kachari, Footkal Saag, Kacchu Masala, Maduwa Roti as well as Dhooska Barra for vegetarians are some of the famous cuisines that one can relish.

From the rustic delicacies of Jharkhand to the enamouring Chou dance form and primitive arts and handicrafts kept alive by tribal artisans – Jharkhand Tourism is showcasing the beautiful and intriguing attractions of the state at the ‘Bharat Parva 2016’. 

The participants include dancers who are promoting the indigenous dance form Chou and artisans who have preserved the age-old traditional art and craft forms of tribal areas. 

Suchitra Sinha, Director of Jharkhand Tourism said: “The department is focusing strongly on promoting tourism to the state which has several tourist attractions, scenic waterfalls, beautiful forests and a rich history.” 

According to Sinha, Chief Minister of Jharkhand-Raghubar Das, is taking personal interest in activities to promote tourism in the state.



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