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A gala for bangle lovers

A gala for bangle lovers
The flea markets had always something more to offer. Something that reflected the true style sense of the masses. Time and again we have reminded readers where we should head for real shopping. This time, we stepped out to get some accessories to jazz up our dresses all round the season, and decided to check out the most loved Indian accessory- the bangle.

So what can be a better than to check out the bangle market at Baba Kharak Singh Marg. Located behind the ancient Hanuman Mandir, believed to be 300 years old, this bangle market has shops as old as 1962.

Bangles by themselves are not just another accessory to Indian women. They are an expression of feminism, a celebration of womanhood, and the various joys of life. The interesting thing about bangles is that they are a tradition which has been inscribed into the life of a woman, and even if the modern woman adorns herself in different ways, even calls them bracelets, they still cannot replace the value instilled in a bangle.

One look at the bangle market near Hanuman Mandir is an enough for any bangle lover's obsession. Here one can get any kind of bangles, like suhaag-churas, karas, you name it and its there. The bangles are also made of different material like lac, grass, glass, to name a few. The bangles cost anything between Rs 10 to several hundreds depending on making charges. A sort that caught a lot of attention was the devdas kangan, intricately crafted decorative bangles which come for about Rs 300 a dozen.
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