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A digital world

A digital world
Amor Fati (love of one’s fate), a show that exhibits digital works by Santosh Jain is being organised in the Capital. The show that opens today at Gallery Pioneer is curated by Niyatee Shindee.

Jain’s work encompasses all the various strands of new media technologies. Her artworks display an
exceptional degree of conceptual sophistication, hi-tech suave, social relevance and dexterous skills, all born through the computer screen, media technology being its riveting factor. The artiste’s work is strongly invested in the conceptual rather than the craft of making. Like all digital art, the work displays an enchanting etiquette.

All the works are attitudes in which one sees everything that happens in life, including suffering and loss, in a positive light. This philosophy resonates in Jain’s fearless attitude towards her life and her art. Her perceptive nature helps her photograph the often hidden yet honest stories of destiny, fate, despair and hope. Her works are a sensitive and empathetic portrayal of the various stages and seasons of life, with perseverance and hope emerging as an underlying metaphor.

‘I’ve always been exploring and experimenting with different art forms. With the camera and digital art, I feel I’ve finally found a language through which I can converse with people. I feel through this medium I’m now able to express what I feel inside with ease’, says the artiste.

In the work Feline, the woman protagonist is present in eight roles. Either lounging or squatting or toothlessly grinning at the viewer, or lost in the domesticity of household chores or simply gazing into the distance very poetically, each are unique in their own worlds yet harmoniously bound by the scape with an expectant air.

From My Attic series allows the viewer an intimate gaze into the artist’s life and surroundings and nudge him to examine closely held memoirs of stored experiences and feelings left in the recesses of the mind. These works display a meditative and transcendental quality.

Choices, Dream Catcher and Chai Boy are chronicles of urban strugglers and survivors. While they showcase the realities of the downtrodden and demoralised, they are all laced with the phenomenon of hope and make the viewer sense the opportunity for the subjects to re-begin and re-build.

Where: Gallery Pioneer, Lado Sarai
When: On till 20 September
Timing: 11 am till 7 pm
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