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A different focus

A different focus
THE tribals of India remain neglected even after so many years. Those living in cities usually have little idea about them. In such circumstance, how would you feel if you come to know that a group of trib-als from Manipur are actu-ally descendants of the lost tribes of Manasseh and wish to get back to their forefather’s land in Israel?

Director Zorawar Shukla has tried to bring their issues to the fore-front. His documentary A Prayer For Aliayah, which was screened at the India Habitat Centre recently, brings out the feelings of the Kuki-Chin-Mizo tribes. The idea, says Shukla, sprang from newspaper reports.

The documentary is about the life and dreams of three Manipuris prac-tising orthodox Judaism. It also tries to explain Juda-ism. Ideally, Shukla would have liked to stretch the documentary to beyond 30 minutes but didn’t get the go ahead from the Pub-lic Service Broadcasting Trust. ‘We shot the entire documentary in Manipur, mostly in Imphal, and got a warm welcome from peo-ple. During the shoot, there was even a bomb blast but we went ahead,’ said Shukla. ‘Through this documen-tary, we want people to be aware of them,’ he adds.
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