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A dialogue with nature

 Anjali Saini |  2016-08-22 20:59:42.0  |  New Delhi

A dialogue with nature

Neelam Pratap Rudy inaugurated the opening ceremony of ‘Mystical Narratives’, an exhibition of artworks by artist Anjan Chakraverty, curated by Seema Subbanna at Alliance Francaise, recently  in the national Capital.

Born and brought up in Varanasi, Anjan Chakraverty presented 40 of his latest mixed media on paper works in a three day art exhibition. Anjan’s art described the presiding characters named Yoginis, trees goddesses, devis and nymphs all having a dialogue with nature and ritualistic ambience and a harmonious environment through trees, lotuses and lilies.

Having participated in about fifty group shows held in different countries and international exhibitions including  4th exhibition, Seoul-1989, Anjan Chakraverty said, “This is a very special show for me. I was looking for a congenial ambience. I am glad to hold this show finally and give entire credits to the curatorial support. The paintings on display form a series. These are not there to extend any particular story; these are about a poetic refrain, meant to be savoured leisurely”.

The artist represents the beauty, the mystery, the rituals, people and the environment of Varanasi. The illustrative images are created using the gouache technique or opaque watercolour. There are undertones of symbolism surrounding the figures and elements of nature that he repeatedly portrays with stylization. There are spells of darkness in the groves lurking with surreal elements. The artist also said, “I don’t claim something big. My works are simple and everyone will recognize their own lives through it in some way.” 

Curator Seema Subbana said, “Art is something about which I am really passionate. Anjan is a great artist and his works speak volumes about his understanding of the subject. It’s a pleasure to look at these works.”

Artist Anjan Chakraverty spends his quality time between painting and teaching Art at Banaras Hindu University.

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