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‘A cup of coffee inspires me’

‘A cup of coffee inspires me’
What does music mean to you?

It’s almost like an elixir for me. It’s like oxygen. For instance when one is suffocating, he  desperately needs air to breathe. Music for me is like that. I suffocate without it.

It is said that pop music culture is vanishing from  the music circuit now. Do you agree?

I totally agree. The pertinent reason is that post liberalisation the entire game inclined towards the capitalist market. The scenario changed as the focus of the music business shifted towards profit making. They (TV and radio) all end up playing Bollywood numbers now because that’s where the money is.

What was your recent concert- Rhythm and Brew all about?

It was the promotion of my third album titled Three, organised by Costa Coffee. The album will soon hit the stands.

Who is the inspiration behind your compositions?

No one as such. Every song chooses itself and for each one there is a different muse. I derive my ultimate inspiration from a cup of coffee. That gives me the extreme high to create my kind of music.

If not a singer, then what would you have been?

I forayed into music from 10th standard onwards. During my younger days, I aspired to be a standard professional like a fighter pilot or a bus conductor.

Your most memorable performance...

I would say it was in Jammu. All my tours are memorable, and some crisis or the other has made them memorable. From losing a guitar to defective mikes, I have faced them all.

What is in the pipeline now?

There is nothing concrete which I have thought of. I am into business of making music and will keep making so.

Share your experience at Delhi University?

During my graduation at Khalsa College, I embarked on a new journey in life. I got moulded to experience the sense of infinite. Now, the culture has changed drastically. In fact, every ten years the culture changes. The students have turned more passive as they accept whatever is offered to them. It’s like they are competing in some kind of a race. I never tried to get anywhere at that time.

We have not heard you much post
Tere Bin in

It’s because media is busy promoting and propagating Bollywood. TV is the new avatar of it. It does not play me any more. It’s more concerned about monthly profits through advertisements. Since I am an independent musician, I really can not afford the rocketing rates.

Any more Bollywood plans after Dilli Heights?

There are a few, but am contractually bound not to reveal them.

What pulled you towards music?

I would say music chose me rather than the other way round. There are certain entities bigger and powerful than us. They control you and eventually become your destiny.

Is marriage on the cards any time soon?

I am married and deeply in love with my guitar. There is currently no space for any one else. I have not yet met a woman who can replace my guitar, though I am still on the look out. Let’s see when the cupid strikes.

What kind of professional training did you receive for music?

I received no training per say. My music is revolutionary in nature. It’s like once you are passionate about something, there is no stopping you. With or without your honed skills. I think my perseverance and hard work taught me enough.

As you sing in Punjabi, do you feel you are restricting yourself?

Right now Punjabi is the only music that sells like hot cakes. For every Hindi artiste there are four Punjabi artistes on the rise. Be it Babu Mann, Honey Singh, Satinder Sartaj, all of them are raring to go. Another fact is that, Punjabi is my mother tongue and I am responsible for it. Even the appeal of Punjabi music is high and still growing.
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