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A cultural saga

A cultural saga
Unity in diversity has been India's ethos and people with diversified culture stay with each other to promote the rich Indian customs.

In a two-day event organised by Department of Art, Culture, and Languages along with Sindhi Academy, is all set to bring Vichoo, a major production of The Impostures of Scapin by the world famous French playwright Moliere, directed by Manohar Khushalani. Also on show is Muhinji Zaat, inspired from Tendulkar’s well known play Jaat Hi Poocho Sadhu Ki directed by theatre director, Prakash Bhatia.

Vichoo in Sindhi, is translated by Mohini Hingorani, from Moliere's The Impostures of Scapin, enacted for the first time in 1671. In Vichoo, taking advantage of fathers' absence, two young men have fallen in love with unlikely, and penniless beauties, Kanu has secretly married Khimya and Mohan has secretly fallen in love with Mira and both need money to help solve their dilemmas. But the fathers, Motumal and Hardasmal, return from a trip with their own marriage plans for their respective sons.

Vadhu the household servant, after hearing many pleas for help, comes to the rescue of the young romantics. The final scene of the first act is a vaudeville/music hall version of Molière's famous scene in which Vadhu spins a yarn of kidnapping, foreigners and ransom.

No one knows who Khimya and Mira really are. There is a final chase and dance among all the participants, which, inevitably, becomes the raucous, delightful curtain call.

Another play to be staged is Muhinji Zaat which is a Sindhi translation of famous Marathi playwright Vijay Tendulkars’s famous comedy Pahije Jatiche from Vasant Deo’s Hindi translation Jaat Hi Puchho Sadhu Ki by Asha Bhatia. Muhinji Zaat is a comedy hitting out at casteism and is also a tongue-in-cheek comment of the education system which specialises in churning out educated illiterates.

When: 5-6 December, 6:30 pm
Where: Shri Ram Centre for Art and Culture
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