A colourful home for summer

A colourful home for summer
The months of extreme heat are already upon us. While everyone is reeling under the heat, how about giving your home a breath of fresh air?

A house is said to mirror one's personality and therefore it should reflect your unique style. Keeping this in mind, we chatted with interior designers about how you can give your abode a quick makeover.

The trend this season, say designers, is to go trendy with florals. Splash about a lot of colours — be it on the walls or the upholstery.

'Or you can keep the interiors neutral and add accessories matching the décor of the house. The idea of keeping the permanent structures in neutral hues is that it could be easily blended with any season and trend,' says interior designer Sapna Aggarwal.

That also reduces costs of redoing the house every season. Add colours and texture on one side of the wall or just do up the walls with wallpapers. They are inexpensive and come in a lot of interesting patterns.

Natural fabrics are another must haves this season. These can be used as drapes or curtains. Chuck the heavy linens for cottons and bamboos to keep the house airy. 'If you insist on sticking to linen, buy those with abstract themes,' says interior architect Annu Bains.

Orange is the colour of the season and not just for clothes. Splash some orange on one wall to brighten up the room. Other hot colours of the season are blues, turquoise, pale pinks and lime greens.

Jazz up your cushions with colourful covers in hues like rose, blue, greens, mauves and purples. Handmade daris are another way to brighten the house.

Another important thing to remember in summer is the lights. 'Curtains should be used with sheers behind them. One can also add good filters and fun-filled danglers,' says Aggarwal.  To put it simply, make the most use of indirect light.

To keep the house smelling good, use flower pots or fresh plants. Keep away from muted or dark tones. 'Remember to balance out the colours as too much colours can be an eyesore' says Bains. The trick is to clear the clutter and give the house a dash of freshness.
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