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A colourful campaigning day for poll candidates

Candidates of most political parties used the festival of colour as a major platform to build intimate contact with people on the Sunday ahead of the Holi.

It’s still two days to go for Holi. But leaders of political parties in different parts of the state had initiated the preparations to organise programmes on Sunday keeping Holi in mind. 

Steps to assure a huge turnout in Sunday’s programme were taken. Banners were put up and invitation cards were distributed among voters in the respective areas.

The decision by the local leaders to organise programmes on Sunday was taken to create a platform where common people can easily mix up with their candidates. At the same time such programmes help boost up the morale of the party workers ahead of the elections.

According to a Trinamool Congress leader from Ghusuri, Howrah they had decided not to campaign urging people to cast votes in their favour during this programme. 

“The reason behind taking the decision was to make the people feel that the party is always with them and not only during the elections,” he said.

In almost all the places, there were arrangements for music. 

In some places local children sang songs and performed dance programmes.

The workers and leaders of the political parties put colour on their candidates. 

The candidates too enjoyed playing Holi with the workers and party supporters in midst of their busy schedule of campaigning. Residents of the area were also overwhelmed finding their candidates getting mixed up with the grass-root level. Some of the local residents offered sweets to the candidates.

Malabika Ghosal, who attended one such progranmme at Kaibarta Para in Salkia, said: “We were used to see party workers and supporters playing with colours only if their candidates win in elections. But this is an unprecedented move by the political parties. Moreover, I felt good as local people have been involved in the programme.”

Lakshmi Ratan Shukla, Trinamool Congress candidate from Howrah North Assembly constituency, said: “Every year I used take part in different programmes of Holi. But today’s occasion is a special one. 

“I would like to congratulate the senior leaders of the party for organising it.”

“Today (Sunday) my son and family members couldn’t attend the programme. 

“But they are keen to join everyone in the programme that will be held on the day of Holi,” he said adding that at present he is approaching the people to cast vote in his favour, but his main task would be to acquaint himself with the grass-root level and to work for the people.

Trinamool Congress supporters from Siliguri were also found utilising the Sunday to involve common people in the programmes on the festival of colours.
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