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A bite of Asia

A bite of Asia

Love Asian food? There's a great new place at GK II M Block Market - Ahoy Asia. This new restaurant clearly makes it to one of the best places that have opened up over the last few months in the Capital. 

The interiors are bright and colourful, the food is great and so are the prices. They also have a bar, if you were wondering. 

Here are a few dishes we tried and we loved - for starters - the Dynamite Crispy Shrimps and yes the sushi. These guys roll out a mean platter. A must try is the Okonomiyaki - which is actually a savoury pancake - it is delicious to say the least. 

The restaurant also has the considerably unknown Uyghur cuisine - from the north west of China and the food has a lot in common with the Mughlai food Delhites love, another must try for food lovers. 

One of the owners, Arun Chanda, says that they wanted to create the environment of a lively cafe and they have included interesting sandwiches in the menu as well to add to the feel - try the Asian Style Chicken Burger with the fries what come with a special Asian flavouring sprinkled on them. We loved it!

And while you spend time choosing your food, have a good laugh as you read the menu - this place has one of the most interesting menu cards we have ever seen.

Meal for two: Rs 2000 and above (without taxes and alcohol)

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