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700 riders to celebrate World Motorcycle Day

Like other Metros, long distance motor cycle riding is a recent craze in the city. The number of women motor cycle riders is increasing very fast. There is a strong group of Harley Davidson owners (HOG) and it is a scene to behold every Sunday morning when the Harley owners drive down NH2 in a convoy.

Aditya Roy, one of the organisers said the motor cyclists would gather at Gopalpur on NH2 and from there the bikers would come to the venue covering a distance of around 70 km.

There will be a grand show of vintage and classic motor cycles. Some famous old bikes like Ariel, Panther Sloper, Triumph, two models of BSA motorcycles, Golden Flash and Road Rocket will be on display. Kolkata then known as Calcutta was the capital of heavy duty motor cycles in the country. It may be mentioned that the traffic sergeants of city police used to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles with side cars. Some of these bikes were taken to old Delhi and used as “phat phatis.”

Aditya Roy, one of the spokesperson said there would be interactive session between experienced bikers and the budding ones who were participating in long distance tours regularly. KTM will bring some expert riders from Delhi to share their experience. The bikers will be given training on how to repair glitches that might crop up during tours. 

There will be a session of traffic awareness and the importance of using helmets and other safety gadgets that are necessary during long distance tours. Also, there will be lessons of the technique of motor cycle riding in dry and wet weather and particularly at night.

Harley Davidson and Suzuki will display some of the models. “Biking is not only for commutation. It is coming up as an adventure sports in the country very fast and to take part in long distance biking, the coordination between head and body is required.

 How to overcome fatigue on long distance tours and how to drive a two wheeler in hilly area especially when it is raining heavily will be taught to the bike enthusiasts. Do not panic and love and enjoy motor cycling riding is the motto of the World Motorcycle Day,” Roy said.

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