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50 research centres to come up across state: Asish Banerjee

State bio-technology minister Asish Banerjee, in reply to a question at the state assembly on Monday, said that his department is setting up 50 research centers across the state for improving the quality of bio-fertilizers.

He said that around 11 centers have been completed while 39 others are underway. Various research works would be done in these centers. The main purpose of the project is to increase the productivity of various plants by administering bio-fertilizers and other manures. He also told the Assembly that a policy would soon be chalked out on bio-technology and it would be sent to the Chief Minister for her approval.

The Minister had earlier announced that there will be scientists and research fellows who will carry out various researches on bio fertilizers about how they can be used to increase the productivity of various plants and vegetables. The department is planning to construct bio-technology hubs in the districts.

The purpose of the project is to ensure that a tree gives produces of better quality. For example if a banana tree gives fruits once a year, the department is planning to carry out research on how that particular tree can give fruits three times a year.

Likewise, productivity of many other fruit trees and vegetables plants and others would be increased through various means which will be more conducive for these plants to grow. The scientists who are being engaged in the projects will conduct “tissue culture” as a part of their research works in the district levels also to increase the productivity of various plants.

The vegetables and fruits that are supplied into various markets in the city are often found to be unhealthy and affects human health as various chemical fertilizers, rich in toxic substances is often administered on the plants to augment the productivity. Hence the bio-technology department is giving a great stress on the research work on how to increase the productivity. The research will be conducted on how to increase the productivity of milk in cows.

The biotechnology department will also provide technical assistance to the farmers on how to increase the productivity of what they produce. The department is committed to ensure that the people can get vegetables, fruits and others food grains free from toxic substances at the markets.
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